Best Digital Aquarium Thermometer Reviews


With recent research, it has been proven that aquariums are very beneficial to our health. By the aspect of just observing the marine creatures that reside in an aquarium, you are able to get a drop in the heart rate. It also leads to a drop in the blood pressure. Instead of having to visit the public aquariums, you can choose to have an aquarium in your home. It increases the benefits that you can get. Maintaining an aquarium is not that easy, however. There are tropical fish that requires warm water meaning your aquarium needs a best digital aquarium thermometer. You will require the most accurate thermometer to get great readings.

In this review, we will check out on the digital thermometers. With this thermometer, there is a probe that is placed in the tank and another connected to a display outside. This is the most accurate and efficient. There are even some that come with an alert feature with an alarm. It alerts you every time the temperature rises or falls below the desired range.

1. Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer


If you are looking for a best digital aquarium thermometer that comes with the easiest installation, consider Zacro actually has a suction cup making its installation wat easier. The thermometer as well contains an easy to read LCD screen. The screen displays the temperature readings within a 0.1 degree making it very easy to use and get correct readings.

If you keep tropical, cold water and other types of fish in separate aquariums, this is the best choice that you need to make. You just need to connect the probe physically to the thermometer. It provides a great wide temperature range. On purchasing this thermometer expect an LR44 Batteries included in the package.



  • Has a 24-month warranty
  • Due to the suction cup, it’s very easy to install
  • Can show both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings
  • Affordable, and more so being that it is digital
  • Has a wide range temperature of -50 to +70 degrees Celsius



  • It’s more expensive when compared to the LCD stick-on and floating models
  • It lacks an alert feature

2. RISEPRO 2-Pack Digital Water Thermometer


One thermometer that has amazed me in its price being that they are two is the RISEPRO. It is one of the best digital aquarium thermometers. It is surprisingly affordable. With a temperature range of -50 to +7- degree Celsius, the thermometer functions greatly. On top of this, it has two suction cups that are very ready to install.

If you thought we have exhausted the better aspect, you have not heard about the batteries. The package comes with four LR44 Batteries, with two being spares. It is therefore battery-operated just like the other most types of digital thermometers. You can never get confused when using this model since the nice packaging comes along with a set of usability instructions.



  • Extremely affordable since they are available in twos
  • It has suctions to enhance the installation process
  • The temperature range is quite great making it quite good for any aquarium use
  • It has the ability to display the temperature both in Celsius and in Fahrenheit
  • The package comes along with extra batteries



  • The package doesn’t have a warranty
  • Despite being affordable, the LCD stick-on and floating models are still cheaper
  • Doesn’t have the alert and alarm features

3. TOOGOO Digital LCD Thermometer

This is another best digital aquarium thermometer that is really affordable as well as being digital. It comes along with a 25mm*12mm LCD screen for displaying your aquarium temperature readings. It also has a 1-meter cable that connects it to a probe.

The thermometer is very portable and its way smaller than even your hand. It weighs just 3.5 ounces. Even after installing the suction base, the thermometer will not add more weight. It contains a DC 1.5V for power and like the other digital thermometers, with an LR44 button battery. You don’t have to worry about the battery purchase as it is already included in the purchase.



  • Offers accurate readings.
  • Offers the both in Celsius and Fahrenheit readings
  • It is cheap and you can buy several for the different parts of your tank
  • Has a battery included in the packaged thus you get to conserve power. Can’t break on accidental drop thus it is well durable.



  • Lacks power outlet option
  • Unless you turn the room light, it’s difficult to read the LCD screen at night

4. KollerCraft TOM Temp Alert Digital Thermometer


When you want to get more serious and to give your aquarium more attention with one of the best digital aquarium thermometer, focus on this model. It is more expensive than the other but after experiencing the features you won’t complain about the price. On its measurement, it’s 7.5*5*1.5 inches and has a weight of just 1.6 ounces. Isn’t that quite light? The best things with this model are that it is usable to both the fresh and also the saltwater tanks.

It has an LCD screen that does more than just showing the temperature levels. It also warns you when the temperature is beyond the preset of 75F to the minimum and 82F to the maximum. The device has a memory status, therefore, you are able to see the high and the low temperatures measurements.

There is a 3-feet cord that is attached to the plastic probe which contains a suction cup for easy installation. Like other digital aquarium thermometers, it’s powered by 2 Energizer 357 button cells and can also use 2 LR44 button cells.



  • Alerts you when the levels of temperature are beyond the preset range
  • Easy to read display
  • Accurate temperature reading



  • Preset settings can’t be changed
  • Lacks a plug

5. AODE Digital LCD Aquarium Thermometer

best digital aquarium thermometer


This is another battery powered best digital aquarium thermometer measuring 2”*1.25*. It has a 90cm cable that attaches to a probe that is usually submerged into the water.

The device comes along with a digital display. It Can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit readings. It contains great temperature range of 70 degree which is equivalent to 158 F to -50C which is equivalent to -58 F. the digital thermometer is well affordable and will save a lot on your power expenses since it uses only one LR44 button cell. The battery includes the purchase that you make.



  • It contains very accurate readings.
  • Easy to read display screen that is quite large
  • When not in use, you can turn off the display to preserve battery life.
  • You can’t notice the suction and the probe which are in the tank
  • The price is well affordable



  • The device lack a plug


Benefits of Investing in the Best Digital Aquarium Thermometer

Incorrect temperatures in aquariums can lead to many issues in your fish. Illness and death due to stress are the most common effects. The animals also experience reduced appetite that reduces the capacity of their immune system. A thermometer that gives you accurate readings is the best device to ought to invest in for safety and care for your fish.


  • Digital thermometers provide the temperature readings in decimal points. This gives them accurate as well as specific readings in their usage.
  • It enables you to maintain the right temperature in an aquarium.
  • A thermometer helps you identify a broken heater since you realize the abnormal rise in temperatures.
  • The thermometer helps in maintaining the stability of the aquarium fish and inverts. It also promotes their health.


To sum it up…

With the above best digital aquarium thermometer, you can’t fail to find one that will suit you. In case you find it hard to decide, the Zacro Thermometer is not a bad type. With the 24 month warranty, you are guaranteed of 2 years perfect service. The RISEPRO 2-Pack is also not a bad idea. Getting two thermometers and extra 2 batteries is a great deal.

These aquarium thermometers are great but you have to weigh their pros against their cons. The main thing that you need to decide however is the one that favors your situation better.

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